Client testimonials

"Like many people, I first heard about “CoolSculpting” through the over-publicised life of Kim Kardashian. So when I heard about a similar procedure in New Zealand, Chillsculpt, offered at Caci I was extremely keen to try it. Since I was about 16 years old, I’ve had “problem” placement fat areas on my thighs – known as saddle bags – that never seem to shift whether I am 50kgs or 60kgs. So I booked in for a Chillsculpt series of sessions at Caci in Graham St, and several months later I am absolutely delighted and surprised by the results. One “saddlebag" area has completely gone and the other has very nearly disappeared. The process of chilling the fat and it being absorbed and removed naturally from the body takes around 8–weeks from procedure to completion, so I’m confident this will be gone soon too. I couldn’t recommend ChillSculpt more for women with small areas of stubborn, immovable fat. Not only am I a size smaller in my jeans, but it’s inspired me into a healthier lifestyle. I absolutely love the results and can hand on heart say, Chillscuplt works!” Belinda Nash, NZGirl

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